Comfort And Functional Design

It is always nice when you notice that the piece of gear you are wearing was created with a great attention to detail. Elements which may seem minor at first glance can significantly improve your comfort.

The hood has plenty of room and is fully adjustable in three dimensions. This allows you to wear a wide range of hats/helmets, does not reduce your field of vision and gives you the ability to maintain high situational awareness at all times. The hood can be tucked in the collar and fastened using the clasp and the suspension loop.

The collar is high and spacious and allows wearing a scarf or other neckwear.

The windshirt has a self-packing pocket instead of a separate packing bag which has to be kept independently. The self-packing pocket has ample room for the windshirt and does not compress it. This allows you to use more efficiently the room in your backpack or load-bearing kit.

The ID tag allows you to label your gear so that it does not get mixed up with someone else’s and makes it possible for someone to return it to you if you ever lose it.

The zipper is with a long pull-tab for ease of operation when wearing gloves or if your fingers have started losing sensitivity due to cold weather.

In Crosswind’s design there is extra space under the arms. It allows you to put the windshirt on or take it off with less effort and also provides better circulation of warm air while you are physically active.

The articulated elbows increase the comfort during use and allow for greater freedom of movement in the arms.