Durability And Wear Resistance

Crosswind is designed to be a loyal friend in need for a long time. We have incorporated materials of the highest quality to avoid aging and reduced performance over time.

The fabric we use is WLR1 – high-grade polyamide 6-6, 65g/m2, rip-stop. Its sturdiness and wear resistance are much higher than the materials used by most of the other windshells on the market.

The zipper is YKK reversed which provides higher protection from dirt and damage.

The use of top quality AMANN threads and extra durable double needle flat seams also contribute to the product’s durability

Apart from improving the mobility capabilities of our product, the Enhanced Mobility System (EMT) also contributes to its sturdiness and longer life. It reduces the probability of straining in the areas under the arms, elbows and lower back, when one is stretching, bending their elbow or leaning forward.