Crosswind is designed to be the only shell you carry with you. That is why it provides maximum protection by covering areas which are rarely or never protected by other wind-stoppers – the hands and head.

The hood is adaptable for every person’s needs and can expand considerably. It provides protection for the head and if necessary the face without reducing the field of vision. It can be worn over any type of hat and even a light helmet. At the same time, it can be easily tucked in the collar when not used. The main seams on the hood are flat felled, providing better wind and water protection even when under strain.

The semi-glove sleeves cover the whole palm up to the base of the fingers. They can be combined with actual gloves worn either above or below the semi-gloves. When not in use, they can be tucked comfortably under the sleeves.

All these advantages will be very valuable for anyone who has felt the wind freeze their hands and ears even on hot days higher up in the mountain, or anyone whose hat and gloves were soaked just from a slight fall drizzle.

The dropback ham provides extra protection for the lower back even when carrying a backpack or load-bearing gear. The zipper has an internal storm flap and the ham has elastic regulation which prevent wind and snow entry and minimize heat loss.